Venus Rising

©2011 D Kopis

The sun slid behind the far western ranges
But the stars were too shy in the sky
She strode ‘cross the mantle, a vision of strangeness,
The answer to infinite Why
Ishtar or Isis, addressing the crisis
Of beauty and love on the wane,
Follows the songline, a twisting grapevine,
Both sacred and deeply profane
Deeply profane

O Venus Rising
Cruel beauty so terribly bright
O Venus Rising
Take a new lover tonight

All righty, Aphrodite, let’s get it on
Though I’m tempted to just walk away
Nocturnal huntress, my will is gone
My logic my feelings betray
I smell your hunger, forever younger
Yet ancient as the moon in your eyes
The scent is alluring and already curing
This soul bent from a hundred goodbyes
A hundred goodbyes

O Venus Rising
Tracking nocturnal delight
O Venus Rising
Take your new lover tonight

The stars get their courage and twinkle by millions
Mere pinions in the Engine L’Amour
Try as they might, these heavenly hellions,
Are no better than they were before
Let’s stop pretending, O Venus Ascending,
That there’s anything left to resist
It’s now that you want me, but forever you’ll haunt me,
Don’t leave this moment unkissed
Moment unkissed

O Venus Rising
Your touch so unbearably light
O Venus Rising
Make me your lover tonight


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