It cannot be but thus

Guitar and Bass List 180116


Gibson SG

  • 1979 cherry binding on neck, block inlays (the one I had at, and ever since, IU); w Kahler vibrato
  • 2008 custom flake-metal Green w Stetson vibrato bridge


  • USA Fender Eric Johnson Dakota Red (2013?) stock, bound rosewood fretboard (“Hoosier Mama”)
  • USA Fender American Standard Olympic White (2012) stock, bound rosewood fretboard (“Hoosier Mama”)
  • MIM Fender 1995 candy apple red Hoosier Special (w Kinman p/u & wiring); recorded all the cBOB hits!
  • MIM Fender 1994 Brown burst (SRV-ish) (w Jones p/u, Kinman wiring)
  • “Fender” Minty Twin surf green by Mullins (w Burns p/u, Brian May switching)


  • Fender 19XX 52 RI 1pc ash body (set up as vintage Broadcaster); weighs 5.8 pounds
  • “Fender” Minty Twin surf green by Mullins (w Lace noiseless p/u)
  • This Space for Rent Blue Paisley (w Filtertron-esque bridge p/u)


  • Dragon DF125 (w EMG active HSS p/u, no piezo); the latest “Epilady” (white w rockabilly cowgirl decal)


  • Dot Studio ice blue (w Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90 p/u), the Blue Jelly Bean guitar


  • SAE 610 (ES335) red-yellow burst stock (neck and F-hole binding; highly figured headstock inlay)


  • 2001 P-90 24-fret flake-metal gold (one pick-up is a vintage a 1959 Les Paul); resides in Colorado

No Name

  • Cheap-o w killer pickup set-up for old-school slide ($30)


  • Martin
  • Simon & Patrick (Godin/Seagull Martin prototype)
  • My grandfather’s (Montgomery Ward, 1938)


  • 2005 Fender USA Precision stock, natural; resides in Martinsville
  • 2014 G&L USA JB stock Lake Placid blue (matching headstock) (the “tuxedo” bass for national acts)
  • 2013 Steinberger Synapse 4-string stock; this is the winter bass
  • 2013 Squier Spiffy Clyro James Johnston Signature Jazz Lake Placid blue
    (matching headstock; Hipshot tuners w Detuner); this is the ROI bass
  • FrankenJazz flake-metal green (w Carvin p/u, Geddy Lee Fender neck); ND leprechaun decal, no pickguard

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